Albuquerque GLBT Chamber of Commerce
Albuquerque, New Mexico
"Promoting Prosperity in the Gay Community"

We're run a little differently than some other Chambers of Commerce. We're an organization focused on networking opportunities for our members and on being affordable. That's why for at least the next year, membership is FREE!

We're also a little different in our structure. We don't have a traditional board and our organization is run by volunteers only. Through their dedication, we're able to provide value to our members while keeping overhead low. Our board consists of Mauro Montoya, President, Joy Hudson, Secretary, Israel Chavez, Treasurer and Katy McGarvey, Membership Development.

With this in mind, we hope to grow our membership significantly. If you know someone who should be a member, or who might benefit from being involved, please have them email Mauro Montoya at, or call Mauro at 505-917-8308, check out our calendar or come to our next event!

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